Eco & Community Friendly
Cleaning in Scotland



Charwell Cleaning is a small company but we feel it is essential that as a small company we do out bit to reduce our impact on the environment.


  • Where possible we use environmentally friendly products.
  • Our power equipment such as vacuums, floor polishers,
    carpet cleaners use less power than standard equipment.
  • At our Glasgow office all our equipment is low energy and
    we recycle almost all of our daily waste.
  • In addition to what we do we can also advise you on
    how small changes in your office can make you more
    eco friendly but also reduce your operating costs.

We are also very community friendly. We believe that we are privileged to have you as our customer so in return we reinvest our relationship with you back into your postcode area where we can. This involves

  • Sourcing suitably experienced individuals from within your area
    to maintain your requirements. This also offers continuity during
    adverse weather as our employee is less likely to be stranded
    on route to you.
  • We will actively source local suppliers from within your postcode
    area and establish a business relationship with them.
    Once established we will purchase from them the materials
    required to service your premises.



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